Sunday, 29 March 2009

New Discworld Figures Soon From MicroArt Studio

I have just spotted the latest "greens" being shown off on coolminiornot - the latest sculpts by Kul Asyrk for MicroArt Studios for their 30mm Discworld range. I expect they will soon have these for sale as metal multi-part miniatures.

Here are the pictures of the "greens" taken from the coolminiornot website

Death R'N'R

The Librarian

Cohen the Barbarian

These look to be of the same high standard as their other Discworld figures and I am looking forward to seeing how they paint them up.

Once they are available for sale I will be happy to take commissions for them, as with the rest of their Discworld range. I will probably also paint some up for direct sale.

Great Stuff!

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