Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Bog Raiders from Blood Moon Miniatures

Blood Moon Miniatures have recently released some "Bog Raiders". They look like really nice lizard men reminiscent of the Fimir's from Hero Quest (Milton Bradley board game now out of print). Here is a picture from their site:

They must have proved very popular because they are currently out of stock. I am currently working on six of these by commission.

These metal figures come in several parts - you get bodies (two types - one is a complete body with arms and legs and the other is split in two parts with legs separate from torso and arms), heads (again two types, one a complete head and the other in two parts with top of head and lower jaw being separate), hands with weapons (swords, axes and double handed axes) and tails. There are a lot of mold lines to remove and the assembly is not a simple matter; as the joins are poorly matched, requiring molding putty (i.e. green stuff or similar) to obtain a smooth finish.

Once I have completed these I will try and post some work in progress pictures, and of course the finished pieces will be in the commissions gallery.