Sunday, 10 December 2017

Items listed on Ebay

You might be interested in some of the items I have just listed on EBay:

Vintage (World War Two) Monopoly with wooden pieces

Salvador Dali Poker Cards with Tarot Artwork

Warcraft the Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games

Five Painted Games Workshop Mounted Chaos Warriors

Painted Microart Studios Discworld Esme Weatherwax

Painted Microart Studios Discworld Nanny Ogg

Painted Microart Studios Discworld Rincewind

Friday, 17 November 2017

Finished the Myst series of PC games

Twenty years since I first played the PC game Myst I finally finished the fantastic series!

I still remember the experience of playing the first Myst, headphones on, totally immersed in another world, it was like no other game at that time and was probably the one that got me hooked on PC gaming.  This was a time of limited internet and no FAQs/cheats/walkthroughs - making the game a real challenge, writing notes as you explored and worked out the puzzles.  You felt like you were a part of the story and got a real sense of achievement when you came to the end.  Over the years I have played many computer games (mostly fantasy based RPGs and adventures) and the Myst series slotted in among them, Riven, Exile, Revelation, each time felt like coming home.  I recently played Uru (and Uru to D'ni) and felt like the story had lost it's way but followed it quickly with End Of Ages and was pleased that they managed to get the atmosphere right again and had a fitting end to this saga.

Sure there are many great PC games out there now, but if you have never experienced the worlds of Myst you really have missed out, not just on a piece of gaming history, (and amazing soundtracks including the talent of Peter Gabriel and Jack Wall), but on a journey you will never forget.


Friday, 25 August 2017

Painted Discworld Figures for Sale on Ebay

I am currently selling the following fully assembled and painted metal 30mm Discworld miniatures, by MicroArt Studios, on Ebay:

These items are currently on sale on Ebay

Painted Chaos Warriors for Sale on Ebay

I am currently selling five fully assembled and painted from Games Workshop c2011.  These plastic 30mm scale miniatures are now out of print, so a rare find.  They are Champion, Flag Bearer, Musician, Axe Wielder and Lancer.