Sunday, 29 March 2009

New Discworld Figures Soon From MicroArt Studio

I have just spotted the latest "greens" being shown off on coolminiornot - the latest sculpts by Kul Asyrk for MicroArt Studios for their 30mm Discworld range. I expect they will soon have these for sale as metal multi-part miniatures.

Here are the pictures of the "greens" taken from the coolminiornot website

Death R'N'R

The Librarian

Cohen the Barbarian

These look to be of the same high standard as their other Discworld figures and I am looking forward to seeing how they paint them up.

Once they are available for sale I will be happy to take commissions for them, as with the rest of their Discworld range. I will probably also paint some up for direct sale.

Great Stuff!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tianna Starfall Shop Created

I have now finished wrangling with the HTML and added a shop to my website.

UK customers can buy direct using the PayPal checkout system. Overseas customers can see what I currently have available and then contact me to purchase - I will send a PayPal invoice that includes the correct postage amount.

I will be adding more figures to the shop as I finish painting them. I will try to keep this Blog updated with what I am currently working on so you will have some idea what to expect. I am still taking commission work, so contact me if you have a specific miniature or colour scheme in mind, or if the item you wanted is sold out.

To start off with I have some of the Terry Pratchett's Discworld figures available (manufactured by MicroArt Studios, assembled and painted by me).

In other news, I have finished the Genestealer commission and will be adding photographs of them to gallery soon.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Tianna Starfall Shop Coming Soon

I am in the process of making a shop page on my website where UK customers will be able to purchase figures direct from my website using the PayPal system. Overseas customers will be able to see what I have in stock and can then contact me for a PayPal invoice containing the correct postage costs.

Initially I shall be selling some MicroArt Studios Discworld miniatures that I have completed, but there are lots of other figures in the process of being painted that I hope to add soon, for instance the Games Workshop Warhammer Chaos Knights that I have been talking about.

I am still taking commissions, so if there is something that you would specifically like painted just drop me an email or contact me here.

Hopefully the shop will be up and running in the next week or so, as long as I manage to wrangle the HTML successfully!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Spring Fever?

Well it sounded like a cool blog title, but more accurately it should be "A Cold in March". Yes the weather has improved here in the UK and it is wonderful to see the sun shining, the birds nesting, and the allergy sufferers sneezing. A shame then that I am indoors with a cold, trying to paint miniatures when sneezing is not easy, hence the lack of updates this last couple of weeks. When you have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) colds tend to knock you off your feet for a while, but I am sure I will bounce back again soon. You cannot keep yourself in a sterile bubble, that would be no fun at all, but you do tend to see less people simply due to being unable to get out and about much and are, therefore, more likely to catch things when you do socialise; having not been exposed to many bugs to build up an immunity. A tricky Catch 22 situation.

Playing computer games on the other hand is not too difficult when sneezing, so I have made some progress with my latest one - Dungeon Siege II with its expansion Broken World. A fun fast-paced action RPG in the Diablo vein with some cool character progressions/skills and powers. First time through I am using pets rather than NPCs to bulk out my party. Currently playing a ranged person, with throwing weapons and starting to multi-class to a Blood Assassin.

Now the cold is beginning to improve I am back to painting a commission of Genestealers (Games Workshop Tyranids), in the traditional colours of Space Hulk. Still working on the Chaos Knights also.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Bog Raiders Completed

Just a quick update - I have finished the Bog Raider commission and pictures have been added to my commissions gallery.

This is what they looked like after assembly, in this picture you can clearly see how I added green stuff (modeling putty) to the joins for a better finish. I was surprised at the amount of mold lines I had to remove from these figures, but they looked great once finished.

Here they are painted:

I am currently still working on the Games Workshop Warhammer Chaos Knights, they are coming along nicely and I am painting some Genestealers by commission. More on these later.