Monday, 15 June 2009

More Discworld Figures

Looks like MicroArt Studios are keeping busy making new Discworld figures. The last ones I reported on (Susan Sto Helit, Cohen the Barbarian, The Luggage, Nobby Nobbs and The Librarian) are now for sale as multi-part metal figures and they will soon be adding these to the collection...


Otto Shriek

Mustrum Ridcully

Giamo Casanunda

Esme Weatherwax II

These pictures of the "greens" sculpted by Kul Asyrk were posted to coolminiornot. Not sure about Esme Weatherwax II but the others are all spot on.

I recently finished painting a commission of eight Discworld figures along with the cobblestone bases that you can also purchase at MicroArt Studios. Pictures will be posted soon. I should point out that whilst most of the Discworld figures require 30mm bases The Librarian and Luggage, whilst being 30mm in scale, actually have 40mm bases.